Hello! I'm Stacey, the face behind Fox Under The Moon...

My 'Fox Under The Moon' artwork series is for all ages. It is inspired by the simplicity of everyday life, and the complicated emotions that go with it. Through my artwork you will meet an anxious, but inquisitive fox and the wise old moon. Along with their friends, I hope that their warm and whimsical world can bring some encouragement and love to yours.

​Fox Under The Moon started as a project for me while I was out of work during the 2021 winter lockdown. I wanted to put some hope and positivity out into the world, and so I began sharing my whimsical illustrations and uplifting messages on social media. My wonderful online community of followers has now grown to over 250,000 people; and my books, prints and cards have reached more than 25 countries around the globe.

​Following our own challenges with stress and mental wellbeing, my husband, Jamie and I sold our house in 2018 and left our teaching jobs in search of a simpler way of life. When I began creating art, my studio was a 23ft, retro touring caravan that we lived in full time - working minimum wage jobs while we ‘reset’ our minds and gave ourselves the breathing space to work out what we wanted to do next.

​This was the humble beginning of ‘Fox Under The Moon’.  

Nowadays we work from our small office in the North East of England, and when we're not touring in our caravan, you'll find us gazing at stars, getting lost in the woods or taking meandering walks with our border collie - Pixie - on the blustery beaches of wild Northumberland.

I am passionate about the natural world, and as you'll see from my little illustrations; wildlife, woodlands and magical night skies inspire everything I create. I’m a real nature-lover, and a bit of a tree-hugger at heart!

  • Stacey

    Author, illustrator and the general creative force behind each and every Fox Under The Moon product. Also in charge of marketing and star-gazing.

  • Jamie

    The friendly face of wholesale and customer account management at Fox Under The Moon. Jamie also heads up tea-making and accounts.

  • Rachel

    Our busy-bee Rachel packs our customer orders. She's a ninja with a roll of packing tape and holds the fort while we're away at events.

  • Lizey

    Creative wizard Lizey helps us manage our social media pages, and does some design work too! Fun fact: Lizey also runs her own card business!

  • Pixie

    Chief stick-collector and biscuit manager. In charge of lying in doorways and being stepped on.

    Cute, but lacking motivation.